1. yuechu Senior Member

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    I would like to ask: What is the most common way of calling "baby teeth" in French? (the teeth which one has until about age 12, after which they are usually all replaced by adult teeth). Would "dents de lait" be the term that adults use with children? (opposed to a medical term)

    Thanks/Merci d'avance !
  2. Vanessadufrat

    Vanessadufrat Senior Member

    Yes, it's definately dents de lait ! I don't know any other term for it, I'm sure there's a medical one, but I've never heard of it. Adults use "dents de lait" with children and with pretty much everybody. At least my parents used that word with me (and just in case you wondered, the tooth fairy is called "la petite souris", just thought I might add it since we're talking about baby teeth ^^).
  3. Nicomon

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    Français, Québec ♀
    Comme baosheng est canadien, je confirme qu'on dit aussi « dents de lait » de ce côté-ci de l'Atlantique.
    Mais on dit aussi, littéralement : « dents de bébé ».
  4. Wordsmyth

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    And of course if you back-translate dents de lait you get milk teeth, which is an alternative (and perhaps slightly more formal) name in English.

  5. yuechu Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Thank you everyone for your replies!

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