babysitter, baby-minder and caregiver

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Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there are any differences between the figures: babysitter, baby-minder and caregiver.
Of course, even if there are other professional figures, or not, dealing with the entertainment or custody of children.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Hotmale

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    Hi :)

    A babysitter takes care of a child for money. That's his/her job. I believe that baby minder means the same. A caregiver may be a parent or a foster parent. A caregiver looks after a child but also may look after a dependent adult (e.g a person with dementia).


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    I agree with Hotmale (by the way, I've always enjoyed the juxtaposition of your user name and your avatar, Hotmale!), except that I've never heard "baby minder."


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    A "babysitter" is usually a teenage girl who watches children when parents go out for the evening. This is not a profession.
    "Baby-minder" is nothing.
    "Caregiver" is a very general term. It could be someone who takes care of children, but it could also be a doctor or a nurse or basically anyone who takes care of anyone.


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    In the UK, we use the term "childminder" rather than "baby-minder". A childminder has to be properly registered with the local council, whereas a babysitter can be anybody.


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    As Myridon says, in the US a babysitter is someone who comes to the home to be with a child while the parent(s) is/are absent. She (very rarely, he) may or may not be a teenager (could be a grandparent or other relative, or an adult neighbor), and payment may or may not be involved. When the child is no longer an infant, we often refer to the person simply as a "sitter". We don't use "minder".

    A child-care service is a business; more than one child is cared for. The children are brought to the caregiver's premises.
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