Bachelor's of Art in History

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    Hi everyone,
    Sorry about putting this back up on the forum, but I haven't been able to find a straight answer in any of the other forums. I would just like to know what a BA means in Spanish and then what is the equivalent degree that comes after that. Thanks.
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    Umm that's been always something confusing to me too. I guess that a
    bachelor degree in Mexico is equivalent to a "Licenciatura (university studies that takes usually 4-5 years to be finished)" and the equivalent degree that comes afer it is a "Maestría" o "Máster" (Máster Degree)

    Bachelor of Computer Science degree = Licenciatura en Ciencia de la Computación.

    I hope somebody can explain this better than me.
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    "Licenciatura en Artes"
  4. Psycho New Member

    Sería Licenciatura en Historia

    Digamos que las licenciaturas (bacherlor) en EEUU se dividen en letras (art)y ciencias (science).

    Bacherlor (BA) = Degree = Licenciado/a

    Bacherlor's of Art in History = Licenciado/a en Historia

    Después vendría el título de Máster o Maestría, en el caso de España, a nivel académico podría venir el título de Doctor (ya que no es necesario tener un máster para acceder al grado de Doctor, sino que es suficiente con un Título de Licenciado, aunque esto cambiará en 2010 con el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior)


    A Bacherlor degree is similar to a "Licenciado/a" in Spain. For this reason a "Bacherlor's of Art in History" is similar to a "Licenciado/a en Historia". There are not a explicit difference between Arts and Sciences in Spain.

    The degree after "Licenciado/a" is the PhD (Doctor/a), because a Master degree is more emphasized in professionals careers than academic careers, which are "very" differentiated in Spain.

    I hope you can understand what I want to explain. I apologize for my bad English.

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