Bachoeloring (probably an uncorrect word) [bacheloring]


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Dear English forum,

I'm translating a documentary, and there's a sentence giving me some problems. This is the official transcription of the sequence:
Back home in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown, Hoagie shares his bagels with his middle son, 23-year-old Max. Hoagie and Max are bachoeloring it alone at home, while Hoagie’s wife, Lori, is away on a trip to Turkey with a childhood friend.

I'm not understanding what "bachoeloring" means, and since there are no entries on Google for this word I suppose the person who made the transcription misheard the narration. Any idea of what the correct word could be? I'm not able to decipher it from the audio, but I'm hearing something that resembles a T at the beginning... Like "batch-something".

Thank you very much!
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