Bacino di contenimento


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Serbatoi dotati di bacini di contenimento.
Hello I need your help to translate the sentence above. It is in a paragraph concerning the storage of a chemical product.
My try is limited to Tanks provided with containment....
Thank you very much
  • TimLA

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    I wonder about an amalgam of the suggestions above. tanks with containment basins...

    If a storage tank breaks open, the contents will stay within a "containment basin" around the tank.

    THIS would be a small scale example.
    THAT would be a large scale example.


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    Well, bacino is exactly what you mean but in this case I believe someone translated the same data sheet first from English to Italian and some misunderstandigs have occurred. The context does not indicate an artificial lake and probably the idea of a tank, a simple tank is right.

    Thank you TimLA. Your suggestion is very useful for my work.