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Daryl was withdrawing because he felt like a failure for not being able to save Sophia. Carol refused to give up on him and brought him back into the fold.

Source: A thread in IMDB's Walking Dead forum
Background: In a in a zombie apocalypse world, Daryl,a rogue, was emotionally detached from the group after an incident.

A few online dictionaries list "return to the fold" as "Come back to a group after an absence". I'd like to know if the phrase in the following example is used correctly.

A junkie had been on his way of quitting the addiction before he met his old seedy friends. He started using drugs again and stopped his weekly rehab visits. The social worker who was following his case refused to give up on him and diligently try to bring him back into the fold.

What I'm trying is that the social worker was trying to pull him away from drugs and back into rehabilitation. Would you recommend using the phrase in this way?
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    Hello redgiant,

    You can use it that way. [...]
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