Back of the throat

Emiliana de Lunares

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Hello, forum friends!

I was wondering what the best way to express "the back of the throat" would be in Spanish in the following context:
A guy is trying to explain to another guy how to properly pronounce his name. He says, "Ok, try it. (use the) Back of the throat."

My attempt:

A ver, intenta decirlo tú. Usa la parte ________ de la garganta.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
I hope to hear from someone soon :)
  • Agró

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    Spanish-Navarre parte de atrás de la garganta.
    ...el velo del paladar.

    velo del paladar

    1. m. Anat. Especie de cortina muscular y membranosa que separa la cavidad bucal de la faringe.
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