Back order = out of stock??

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Artrella, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Artrella Banned

    This afternoon we were discussing some business terms, and someone said that they are the same thing. I cannot find a good explanation, does anyone know the difference?
  2. la grive solitaire

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    Hi Art!
    They're similar. Something that's on back order is merchandise that is out of stock and on order but hasn't yet arrived. Out of stock is merchandise that has run out but not necessarily been reordered.
  3. daviesri Senior Member

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    You could say they are the same but they do differ if you get down to specifics.

    Out of Stock: You do not have an item in your inventory. Your store does not have any available. You may have ordered more or you may not have ordered more.

    Back Order: You are out of stock and the people you get your inventory from are also out of stock. It clarifies that you have ordered the item and will have it in stock someday but the people you order from are out of inventory also.

    So in a sense they differ in the fact that one says you are out of inventory and the other says that you and your suppier are out of inventory.

    I hope this makes sense.
  4. Artrella Banned

    Thank you LGS and Daviesri! I'm confused with this sentence >> If your order is out of stock, we will not issue a back order and the status will read Cancelled. >>> I think that they are two different things, if you are out of order you fill in a "back order" and you wait till the merchandise is supplied, am I right?

    This sentence is from here
  5. VenusEnvy

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    Simplified version:
    If we have run out of the product, we will not order more.


    PS: I'll wait for someone to confirm. Lately, I've been spacey.
  6. daviesri Senior Member

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    In this use of 'back order', they are basically saying that if it is not in stock when you order it they are going to cancel the order. This means that they are no longer going to stock the item, or they do not want to keep up with orders for specific items for individual customers that have not arrived into their inventory yet. Either they are never going to stock it anymore or you will have to check back in a week or so to see if it has arrived so you can order it again.
  7. germinal

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    Hola Artrella! I think this simply means that if you place an order and the item required is not available at your suppliers (out of stock) then they will simply mark the order cancelled and will not order the item specially from their suppliers. (will not make a back order). :)


  8. Artrella Banned

    Oh! Many thanks Venusita, Daviesri and Germinal. Your explanations are great! Now I will be able to teach this to my students...ermmm... but first I had to understand it myself!! :D Thank you again, you are great! :thumbsup:
  9. lsp

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    Companies will accept backorders for items currently unavailable if they are fairly certain the merchandise can be replenished. In this case, no item will be backordered for future fulfillment, as receipt of new inventory is not a certainty and would lead to disgruntled customers.
  10. Artrella Banned


    Copying this new and clear explanation... grazie lsp!!! :p
  11. te gato

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    Hey Art GF..

    'Out of stock' - not on the shelves..but will be ordered...this term is used when it is known that the item is available..

    'Back order' - Ordered..but the company that makes the product has none..
    sometimes they will make more..sometimes they will not...

  12. Artrella Banned


    Gatito you are back!! :p Thank you for your help!
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    I'm pretty sure there is a threadon this topic already.
  14. Artrella Banned


    Hi, LanguageGuy... if you could find it for me it would be of great help!! :)
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    Is this it?
  16. Artrella Banned


    Thank you LSP!! I didn't remember that because it wasn't my question, besides it was in the Spanish forum... Well, but it is very useful to me!!! Ah! thank you for your pm! Ciao Bell@! :p
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    Happy to help! :) :)

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