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This is an extract from the novel Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey. James' family is seeing him off. He is going to sail.

"The tide put an end to the goodbyes. James's hangover, which he could blame Anthony for, wouldn't take much more back-pounding anyway."

Would you like to give me the meaning of "back-pounding" in this case? Thanks.
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    People slap him on the back when they say good-bye. It feels like 'back-pounding' to James, because he has a hang-over.

    (I think that the gesture of slapping someone on the back is meant to indicate encouragement and confidence in the person.)


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    While taking goodbyes, are they, by any chance hugging each other, thus pounding each other's backs? James was hanging over and obviously this moderate violence (the blows on his back) made him suffer. You would know what it is like if you have had a hangover. :D

    PS. Cross posted with Cagey, whose hypothesis is slightly different but not dramatically so...
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