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Hey, everyone. While reading comics I came across this dialog between NYPD and a federal agent:

- I'd ask if they issue the stick up your ass with the federal badge, but I think I already know the answer.
- That's funny. You'll have plenty of time to practice your stand-up when you're back to walking a beat.

I don't get what "back to walking a beat" means. Any help is welcome:)
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    The low ranking policemen (used to) "walk a beat" - to patrol on foot the same few streets.
    After promotion they get to work in an office or do more interesting things.
    If they misbehave, they might be demoted and have to go back to walking a beat.


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    It's a play on the word "stand". The agent is criticizing the policeman for trying to be funny, like a stand-up comedian. He says that he will have plenty of time to stand up if he gets demoted to foot patrol duty.


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    when you're back to walking a beat.

    Cuando vuelvas a trabajar en el patrullaje de pie/cuando vuelvas a hacer el patrullaje de pie
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