back-up of indole metabolites in the precursor chain

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    Hola de nuevo, otra oración:

    ...that there are defects in the metabolism of tryptophan and that such defects or deficiencies in the ensuing reactions would cause a BACK-UP of indole metabolites in the precursor chain.

    Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda.
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    Por lo que veo en el diccionario, sería una reserva de los metabolitos del indol (back-up = backup).

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    In my view the meaning of 'back-up' or 'backup' here is not quite 'reserva', but something like 'retencion'. In other words, becaue of the defects, more indole metabolites are produced than are used up, therefore they back up, like water backs up in a plugged drain. Espero que mi explicacion tiene sentido! Perhaps someone else has a better suggestion for a Spanish translation.

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