Back yard house

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    What do you call the part of the house which is separated from the main house and which stays in the back yard. There may be a visitor's room and a bathroom.
    In Canada or the U.S., a small house on the same property as the main house is usually called a "guest house". I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to, though.


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    Two come to mind:

    1. The guest house.
    Regular, ordinary Americans do not have one of these. We're not all that rich.;)

    Some homes (quite a few, actually) have the room where you park your car(s), built right into the structure of the house. That's called an attached garage.

    2.The detached garage.
    The separate building that sits to the side or slighty behind your home is called a detached garage. Sometimes there is an apartment located on the upper level of the garage that's just like any other apartment: living quarters, plus bathroom facilities.

    Some very lucky children have a tree house in the backyard. I'm sure you're not talking about this kind, though. :)

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