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    "COGI transaction is used to find out the errors which occured while doing any goods movement or backflushing activities"

    what backflushing means?

    thanks lili!

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    You will need to provide us context in order for us to help you.
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    Hi Filsmith

    i was reading about COGI indicator in sap and I founded the word.

    COGI is for error handling of automatic goods movement.

    The system creates a separate post processing record for every error which occurs during the backflushing of components or when posting the goods receipt. This is an individual document with document items for the individual materials. The individual postprocessing document is also referenced in the backflush document of the production backflush. Every individual document contains the date of the backflush. When postprocessing, the system creates a material document for each date, listing the postprocessing items.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Normally when you're accounting for work in progress you record costs associated with production as you incur them. Backflushing is when you record your costs retroactively, after finishing a project or run of production.

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