backing into a stereotype

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would you please tell me what does "backing myself into a stereotype" mean in the following sentences. These are found in a part of a book about the proper diet for different people, that I really don't know both the title and the writer.

I, for instance, eat when I’m stressed, but end up craving specific types of food that I find comforting.
At the risk of backing myself into a stereotype, my ultimate comfort food, when I am stressed, is a big bowl of noodles.

Thank you in advance
  • grassy

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    The author jokingly says that they may fit a certain stereotype. It is unclear, however, what the stereotype is: maybe the author is of Asian origin?

    Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    Imagine backing a car into a parking space. The writer is thinking of himself as moving backwards, away from the stressful situation, by eating a stereotypical comfort food.
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