Bacteria are the original immune system


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Hello, I am a new user from Hong Kong. I come to this forum because I really want to improve my English.
I am now reading an article and have come across some expressions that I don't understand at all. I would be grateful if you can help me with it .

The article I am reading is about the ways to cope with air pollution in Hong Kong and I found it difficult to understand some of the expressions.

This person says that we should stop worrying about the poor air quality because it will affect how our body and immune system react.
And we should focus on what things that we can do. Here's what she says next:

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"I am not a fan of air purifiers at all because they create a sterile environment that we're not actually built to survive in," says Buckley. "You take away bacteria and natural particles in the air, you change the very structure of the air around you. Your body starts to get very stressed about that because we've got our own mechanisms to do that filtration. Instead of thinking, 'Let's get a machine to do this for us',let's support our lungs. Let's use nutrients that support the mucus membranes in our lungs so that we're not so sensitive to the dry dust.

"Bacteria are hugely necessary in our bodies," says Buckley. "Bacteria are the original immune system. Instead of trying to recreate that in a man-made way, we should be getting a naturally balanced bacterial environment back. It normalises us and reduces practically all chronic illnesses."

I get really frustrated when reading this part. I don't really understand what these expressions (those in red) exactly mean.:(
I would be grateful if anyone can give me some help.

Thank you very much.

The is an article from SCMP: 'Beating Hong Kong's bad air: the best ways to defend your lungs from air pollution'

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    I suspect that the thinking behind this is a little confused, but I think this is what the author wants to say:
    Bacteria are the original immune system
    Our immune system is composed of our bodies' protective reactions to things that might harm us or make us sick. According to this writer, bacteria are the first things that cause our bodies to work in this protective way. If we get rid of the bacteria in the air that set off this protective reaction, our bodies will be more vulnerable to other things, like dust.
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