Bad to da bone

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    In American popular culture, someone who is "bad to da (the) bone" can refer to a playboy who always gets the girl, a tough guy who always wins the fight, a gambler/pool shark who always wins the game, etc. I suspect fredcarillo is looking for a French equivalent rather than a literal translation, unless that also works in French.


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    if the expression ends in da bone, it's black dialect

    and bad isn't necessarily "bad"--it's good
    "Bad to the bone" is a song by George Thorogood he is white but it is a blues stiye rock song. "The" pronounced as da is not limited to African-Americans it can be heard by any ethnic group. Yes bad in this context means good.


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    You can't say "mauvais jusqu'à la moelle" in French. The correct idiomatic expression is mauvais comme la gale or méchant come une teigne (but that is closer to nasty, actually)
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