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  1. rockjon Senior Member

    Hi, I am slightly confused with usage of the tagalog words: bagay, akma, angkop. For the most part, all three words means suitable, fitting, or appropriate. However, I do realize that word "bagay" also means to conform or adjust and "things." There is also an expression, kung sa bagay, which I think translates to I suppose so.

    I have used the word bagay in describing on whether a piece of clothing suits someone or whether two people look good together as a couple. I have only seen the word "akma" used in Tagalog writing. The word "angkop" I have seen in Filipino parental guidance messages before the start of Filipino shows and movies on television. Are the three words interchangeable or can they only be applied in a certain context? Thanks in advance.
  2. Alakdan New Member

    These words can be interchanged, but for casual converstations the word "bagay" will suffice.

    "Akma" and "angkop" are usually used for fromal speaking or literature.
  3. Goddess Mystyxx Member

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    ankop and akma sounds very formal when used in everyday conversation.

    We usually use 'bagay'. It means the same and can be interchanged.

    Angkop (is suitable) - Angkop sa mga batang edad 3.
    Is suitable for children aged 3.

    Akma (fits) - Ang kanyang kasuotan ay hindi akma sa okasyon.
    Her dress does not fit the occasion.
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