baggage reclaim // baggage claim

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    Anna, could you give us more information about your question? Where have you seen these phrases?

    For me, "baggage claim" is the place in an airport where they have the rotating conveyor belts, where passengers come to claim their baggage after the flight.

    I've never heard of someone using "baggage reclaim" with this meaning, but I suppose it's possible.

    (Actually, I've never heard of "baggage reclaim" at all. My first impression is that it sounds like a closet where the airline might keep lost, unclaimed baggage for people to come back and get it.)


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    Dear all,
    two days ago I went to London. I am a frequent flyer in non-english countries, where I generally read "baggage claim".

    So I was surprised to read "baggage reclaim" at Heatrow, but for sure we non- english speakers often use a non-english or a look-like english vocabulary. :)

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