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Hi! Please, confirm that the phrase is in wide use: Bags I (used when you claim the right to have something or do something:
Bags I sit in the front seat! (= I said I wanted to do it first, so I should do it, not you.)
The dictionary says it's UK phrase. Is it known outside UK? What American equivalents does it have (if any)?
Thank you!

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    The US-English equivalent used to be "dibs on the front seat." However, there may be new words.

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    'Bags I' is certainly used widely in England (and, as far as I know, in the rest of the UK, too). You'll sometimes hear a variant where it's one word: "Bagsy the front seat!". It's been around for a long time, but it's still very much in use. There may be some regional variations, but I'm not aware of any 'new words' over here.


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    I would have no idea what "bags" meant. (USA).

    I would have written the ditto of Kentix' post, with which I totally agree.