bajó como un rayo la cuesta.

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  1. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    Context - a heavily edited version of Don Quijote.

    Espoleando a Rocinante, bajó como un rayo la cuesta.

    From an English version of the full novel it seems that the translation is:

    Spurring Rocinante, he went down the slope like a thunderbolt.

    Can anyone confirm it? Thanks in advance.
  2. boder Senior Member

    The English translation of the Spanish sounds good. But I don't think the exact phrase appears anywhere in the original Quijote, as far as I can tell.
  3. Diddy

    Diddy Senior Member

    I just found an idiomatic expression... just in case you want to use it:

    like a thunderbolt: Como un rayo en un día claro

    Espolenado a Rocinante, bajó la cuesta como si fuera un rayo (en un día claro).


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