Baka Whatashimo/bokumo

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The Netherlands, Dutch
Hello all,

I'm new on this forums and I would like to know the meaning of the Japanese sentence or word group: "Baka Whatashimo/bokumo"

I've searched for the meaning myself and I found out that Baka means stupid and Whatashi mo means me too, but I'm not sure

Help would be very appreciated
Thanks in advance

  • Vecos

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    Singapore, English
    The word Baka at the start of the sentence seems out of place, since it doesn't have a particle making it modify the noun 'Watashi'... But yes, it does mean 'foolish'/'stupid'. Perhaps it's being used as an interjection?

    'Boku' is a more casual form of 'watashi' more commonly used by young males, and both mean 'I'. 'Mo' is a particle which generally means 'too', as you noted.

    'Fraid that's all I can read from your phrase...
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