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  1. panview Senior Member

    In Chinese films which are relative to Japanese Invaders, we often hear the Japanese officer say "bagayaru" when some bad things happen.I don't know the meaning,and which word in Japanese pronounced "bagayaru".
  2. Arui Kashiwagi Senior Member

    He probably said "馬鹿野郎 bakayarō", which is equivalent to "You idiot!".
    To be precise, "馬鹿 baka" means idiot alone and the following "野郎 yarō"(=guy) emphasizes it.
  3. panview Senior Member

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. panview Senior Member

    Why use 馬鹿 to express 'idiot', I think it may come from the Chinese idiom, "指鹿为马",a historical story in Qing Danasty.If a person cannot make difference between "a horse"and "a deer",he surely is an idiot.
  5. Arui Kashiwagi Senior Member

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