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    This might not be that relevant but baking is a specific way of cooking, without oil, in the oven. Cakes for instance would be baked.
    So I would think that bakeware would not be used for roasting/braising and etc.


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    wich is the difference between "bakeware" and "cookware"? Is "cookware a more general category in which is included also "bakeware and ovenware"?


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    I would associate "bakeware" with bread, biscuits (AE = cookies) and cakes and usually made of metal. Cookware and ovenware are for all oven cookery and may be metal, glass, ceramic, etc.


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    These days though there are many bakeware items (as PaulQ says, for bread and biscuits) are made of silicone - muffin tins, cake tins and so on.

    Other items for oven cookery (roasting tins, etc.) are generally still not available in silicone.


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    - containers for cooking in, whether on top of the stove, or in the oven or microwave, etc.

    - sub-category of cookware
    - containers suitable for the oven, whether plates, casserole dishes, cake tins, etc
    - used for roasting, casseroles, as well as baking

    - sub-category of ovenware
    - containers for baking e.g. cakes, muffins, bread, etc
    - does not refer to casserole dishes or plates, etc that are used for other purposes (even though, at a pinch, you could use them for baking)

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