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    I was just wondering what baking powder is called in french. Is it levure chimique? Levure means yeast according to the dictionary here. I dont recall seeing baking powder (poudre à pâte) in the supermarkets around Paris. Is there someother word for baking powder in french?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. bishette Member

    Is "levure chimique" more commonly said or "poudre à pâte"?
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    I must say I never heard "poudre à pâte" in France. "Levure chimique" is very common and just saying "levure" understate that you are speaking of "levure chimique". If you want to be more specific you can precise "levure chimique" or "levure boulangère" but the first one is far more common.
  4. mattharrison New Member

    I have a Canadian friend who uses the term "poudre à pâte" in some of the recipes she has sent me, perhaps it's a more québécois word.
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    Yes, it's a usual Canadian French term. (image)

    N.B. – It's not the same as baking soda, which is simply sodium bicarbonate.

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