balance courting progressives with maintaining his appeal to moderate voters

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Hi. I cannot understand the meaning of this sentence. I realized that Biden has to keep a balance between 2 things. 1. gaining the support of progressives. but I cannot understand the rest of sentence. Would you please help me to understand?

"Biden will have to balance courting progressives with maintaining his appeal to moderate voters in swing states, many of whom abandoned Hillary Clinton in 2016 but might not want to vote for Donald Trump again."
source: How Joe Biden is working to win over progressive voters
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    balancing A with B
    A = courting progressives
    B = maintaining his appeal to moderate voters . . .

    The two things being balanced are ing-forms of verbs: courting and maintaining. The two groups of voters he has to pay attention to are progressives (more left-leaning) and moderates (more centre-leaning).

    A moderate could vote for either party. So a state with a large number of moderates is a 'swing' state: it could swing either way, it could end up voting for either party. He has to continue to keep the support of moderates (he is a moderate, among the Democrat leaders), and he also has to court (appeal to) the progressives who preferred Sanders or Warren.


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    If he says things that progressives like to hear to get their votes he is likely to cause some moderates to decide he is not a candidate they want to vote for. If he backs off from what progressives are in favor of, they won't vote for him but he'll get more moderate voters. He has to figure out how to get as many as he can of each without driving too many people away.

    The last election with Hillary Clinton proved there is a big danger of the moderates not voting for a Democrat if they don't like what they see. He doesn't wasn't that to happen to him. Moderates, who are large in number, have more effect on an election than progressives, who are smaller in number. A small shift of how moderates vote can turn an entire state from Democrat to Republican.
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