Balance position

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Hi all:

I've come up with an expression (in bold) in a financial text which I don't really know if is the same as simply "balance", or a company's financial balance.

The previous and following immediate context is:

VAT payable
Corporate Income Tax due
Social Charges & Personnel
Intercompany payments
Dividends payable
Short term part of leasing contracts

And then: "Balance position to [name of company]"

Debts and loans at banks and financial institutions due within one year
Pay-offs within a year (of long term loans/ debts)

Have you ever come up with this expression?
Do you happen to know what this refers to specifically?

Thanks so much for your help on this!
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    As far as I can see this refers to a "balance sheet". This is a financial document in which the property, cash, and money owed to a company (assets) are balanced against debts and other liabilities owed by it (liabilities). If the liabilities outweigh the assets the company is running at a loss. It's an important document in assessing the health of a firm. The balance position is the financial position shown on a balance sheet, and is more than just a single total (in fact the total of a balance sheet is zero); it shows a summary of how the assets and liabilities are made up.
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