balcón (Mexican slang)


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WARNING: Strong language.

The following note was left with three dismembered murder victims in Tijuana:

" Ahí está tu pinche compadre, voy por ti y todos los tuyos, puto balcón”

I've heard that "balcon" can refer to someone who is left exposed in some way -- obviously, in this case, exposed to someone that plans to kill them. Can anyone confirm this? And, more importantly, can anyone help with a term for this?

Thanks in advance.
  • Alisterio

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    I've heard the term "balconear" as a verb to mean, roughly, "divulge someone's secrets through making indiscrete comments", so guillermoch's suggestion sounds about right. It would fit with the context too: the murders may have been intended as a warning to someone who was running his mouth off about something he shouldn't.
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