bald fuck


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¿Cómo se traduce "bald fuck"?

bald fuck = (en contexto)
a rude guy who has his scalp with very little or no hair.
Shut up, you bald fuck!
Fuente-Source: Urban Dictionary: bald fuck
Mi intento: shut up, bald fuck = cállate pinche pelón/calvo.

  • Mr.Dent

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    The bald man is not rude. It is the person calling him "a bald f*ck" who is the rude one.
    I think that your translation is fine.


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    This thread reminded me of the hilarious (but at the same time very disrespectful) comments made by tons of Argentinians after Argentina's keeper Caballero mistake against Croatia during the World Cup. Many of such comments (o rather, insults) were along the lines of "pelado de mierda", "pelado hijo de puta / de remil putas". :D :D
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