bald guy with the birthdays


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This comes from an american TV series called "Raising Hope". A young man and his great-grandmother are watching TV.

Grandmother (refering to what she sees on tv): What is that? I don't like that.

Young man: I know it's not the bald guy with the birthdays. I found this channel with educational stuff...etc

What does "the bald guy with the birthdays" refer to?
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    I've never seen "Raising Hope" (I don't live in America), but I would guess that the Grandmother likes a certain programme in which a bald presenter does something about birthdays, and the young man is saying 'I realise this is not that channel. This channel has educational stuff.'

    Where I live, some radio stations have a programme that announces listener's birthdays, says 'Happy Birthday' to them, and plays songs for them. I guess Grandma's 'bald guy with the birthdays' is something like that.



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    Willard Scott (who is bald) was the weather forecaster for many years on the Today Show (a daily morning program) on the American network NBC. He was well known for mentioning the birthdays of people who had turned 100 years old that day, with names and photos usually provided by their families. Even after retiring from the weather portion of his job, he still appears to provide birthday greetings on the program.

    This is obviously a reference to the Today Show.
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