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The packroll slung across her back had the two ends of a bow protruding from it, and there was a Wasp-issue shortsword bald-ricked up enough for the hilt to be almost hidden in her armpit.
(Empire in Black and Gold; Adrian Tchaikovsky)

Would you be so kind as to tell me what exactly it means here?

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    She has her sword attached with a baldric:
    A belt or girdle, usually of leather and richly ornamented, worn pendent from one shoulder across the breast and under the opposite arm, and used to support the wearer's sword, bugle, etc.


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    bal•dric (bôldrik), n.
    1. Heraldrya belt, sometimes richly ornamented, worn diagonally from shoulder to hip, supporting a sword, horn, etc.
    Also, baldrick. baldricked, adj.
    baldric - Dictionary of English

    Her baldric was tighter/shorter than usual. See below for pictures of baldrics.

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