baldosas de la cocina

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  1. Turnbull Senior Member

    ¡Hola!A ver si me podeís ayudara traducir esto.Gracias.

    Están pasando muchas cosas mientras yo sigo contando las baldosas(del suelo) de la cocina
    Mi intento:
    There is so much going on while I was counting the tiles kitchen
  2. a malta

    a malta Senior Member

    Hola Turnbull!
    "...While I keep counting the tiles in the kitchen".
    How many have you counted so far:confused::p
    a m
  3. Turnbull Senior Member

    gracias!!!entonces descartamos of the kitchen?
  4. a malta

    a malta Senior Member

    No Turnbull, no descartarlo...podria ser "of the kitchen floor"
    :) a m saluda
  5. mijoch Banned

    British English
    "the kitchen floor tiles"


    This reminds me of many years ago. I had to go to London. My daughter who had never seen London came with me. We decided to have something to eat. The place we chose was full of people speaking in primitive forms of English from everywhere. They all understood each other except when my daughter and I spoke English English.
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