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Hello again,
Still in today's Independent, this sentence :

Then, as it became clear that the inevitable winner would be Obama, Sheila warned that she would bale again if Hillary wasn't the Vice-Presidential nominee.

What does the verb bale mean here? THe only intransitive use of it I have found in the FreeDictionary says it is the same as 'bail', emptying a boat of water... It doesn't seem to fit. As I understand it, it means she will do what she thinks is best and vote for Mc Cain in spite of her being a Democrat. But I'd like to understand this verb more precisely.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I don't know if the correct way to write it is bale - As I have always experienced in American English it would be spelled bailout meaning abandoning it.
    So Sheila is going to abandon the idea of voting for Obama unless Hillary is given the Vice-Prez nomination.


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    Bale out (BE) = bail out (AE), I believe - to jump from an aircraft with a parachute.
    (And again, as this is the Independent, it's the BE version that's meant :))

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    Thank you, Panj. Thanks to your answer, I have eventually been able to find that 'bale' is in fact the BE spelling of AE 'bail'... I am not going to ramble uselessly on AE/ BE differences, but I could... :(

    Edit: we posted at the same time, but without the first post, I wouldn't have known...
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