ball is deep

Discussion in 'English Only' started by ridgemao, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. ridgemao

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    My daughter dropped a ball on the floor, the ball rolled and went under the sofa, she stretched her hand and tried to get the ball out, but she couldn't touch the ball. So she shouted: "Daddy, can you help me? The ball is deep. "

    Can I say "the ball is deep" here?

  2. WyomingSue

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    I think "too far under the sofa" would be better.
  3. Parla Senior Member

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    No, sorry. It's "too far under the sofa".

    Except for "deep space", I don't think I've ever heard "deep" used to talk about a direction that wasn't downward.

    Edit: One of those great-minds cross-posts.
  4. JustKate

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    "Deep" is used to refer to distance in some sports reporting, e.g., "deep in left field" (baseball) and "deep into the opponent's court (tennis). But I agree it sounds odd here.

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