balzare agli onori della cronaca


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Hi to everybody !
Is there someone that can help me translate this Italian expression ?
I think there might be an idiomatic expression in English to say the same thing.
Thank you,
  • Hi Elybear, and welcome to WRF!

    We say "to hit the headlines". Yes, it is an idiomatic expression. It's used commonly, even if the news story in question appears in media other than newspapers (eg TV news, radio etc), and even if it is does not appear as one of the most important pieces of news (the actual "headlines"), but only lower down the "list" of reports.
    Thank you so much, GavinW !
    Yesterday, just after having posted this thread, I read an expression that seemed to be similar to what I wanted to say, that is "to be in the news", so I thought to " to jump into the news", but I don't know if it is correct or used.
    However I think that "to hit the headlines" is really perfect !
    Thank you,