bambini che non sanno se saranno in grado di allevare


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Hello there,

What do you think about this translation?

"Il crollo delle nascitenon è dovuta a mancanza di tempo (delle persone che lavorano troppo) ma piuttosto a un diffuso senso di instabilità economica che conduce molte persone a riconsiderare l'idea di avere bambini che non sanno se saranno in grado di allevare."

"The birth drop is not due to lack of time but rather to a widespread sense of economic instability that leads most people to reconsider the idea of having babies that they don’t know if they will be able to bring up."

I've done my best but I'm not sure it is correct.

Any advice?

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    Ciao, ange.pi. I noticed that one of the translations of essere in grado di is "to afford to." Since your Italian sentence speaks of economic instability, I wonder if this aspect should be stressed, e.g., "... the idea of having children that they're not sure they can afford to raise."

    Also, I'd say "the drop/decline in birth-rate" and refer to "children" rather than "babies."

    Spero che ti sia d'aiuto. :)



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    ange.pi... secondo me, tu hai ragione.

    "in grado di", according to word reference dictionary means 'able to'
    (take a look at that... it's on the 'additional translations)

    I hope to be helpful
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    Hi NoShadows and welcome to the forum!
    Just a minor correction since you are not Italian native.
    You can't say "Tu sei corretta" (from English "You are right").
    You have to say: "Tu hai ragione".

    Hope this can help


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    cicciosa, thank you for the correction..
    anche 'tu hai ragione'.. i tried to translate in my head directly pt > it.
    In Brazil we say 'you're right'.. literally lol.
    but really thank you.

    london calling, i did the same mistake that i did with cicciosa, in Brazil we say that literally.. but i do agree with you that 'to afford to' is also correct.

    ty guys
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