bamboo jaw's harp


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Hi, I found this phrase "bamboo jaw's harp playing" during my study of ethnomusicology, there's anyone can help to transate it in Italian?
Thank you all, mario.
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    Hi CallAshKneeCough and welcome to the forum.

    Interesting question, I hadn't seen this instrument before.
    A "bamboo jaw harp" is also called an "Asian jaw harp" a "kubing" and a "Bamboo Jew's harp".

    Go you YouTube and put in "kubing" and you'll see many people playing them.

    I found "arpa a bocca", but I think "kubing" might also work for you.

    Happy listening!


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    The "Jew's harp", derived from "jaw's harp", which indicates how it's played, is called "scacciapensieri" in Italian. If it's made of bamboo I don't know how much it can resembles the metal instrument; evidently it's something held in the mouth to amplify the vibrations.
    Maybe the complete sentence would help.

    PS Tim's answer (as usual) is far better as he does research before replying!


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    Ciao a che velocità.
    Conosco molto bene lo scacciapensieri e probabilmente insieme ad "arpa a bocca" l'oggetto in questione è stato identificato.

    Mi scuso per l'uso improprio delle maiuscole..è un modo che adoro di masticare la lingua...

    TimLA i really thank you, i'll check in you-tube what you suggested...

    ciao e grazie a tutti.
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