1. Jackgraham Member

    English, Britain
    How does Banco de España translate? I assume it's not just Spanish Bank!

    LOUSLOUS Senior Member

    Asturias - Spain
    Spain - Spanish
    Banco de España is a commercial name of a bank so perhaps you don't have to translate it. You can put THE BANK "BANCO DE ESPAÑA" .....
  3. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member

    El Banco de España es el equivalente a Bank of England.
  4. Jackgraham Member

    English, Britain
    Right. I thought that the Banco de España was actually an official state institution. Like the Exchequer??
  5. Jackgraham Member

    English, Britain
    Ah Ok! Bank of England, Bank of Spain. Quite simple really! Thanks all

    LOUSLOUS Senior Member

    Asturias - Spain
    Spain - Spanish
    I think not. I think is only a normal bank like BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria), Bankinter or Banco Sabadell.
    It's only a bank with the name of the country,
  7. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member

    Louslous, el Banco de España no es una institución privada, es un banco oficial, el principal banco oficial de España.

    No tiene nada que ver con la banca privada.
    El Gobernador del Banco de España es nombrado por el gobierno. No tiene accionistas, etc. etc.
  8. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    To jazz a bit on louslous riff, I always try to find the institution's web page (if it exists) because they usually have their own translation already. And if they ain't got no "official" translation, then you can get away with just using the original name in quotation marks.
    Especially if they are some kind of government agency or institution.
    Good luck!
    Dan F :)
  9. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member


    LOUSLOUS Senior Member

    Asturias - Spain
    Spain - Spanish
    I have a mistake. I confuse Banco de España with Caja España.
    Sorry for my error and Jackgraham don't have in account my words. The Banco de España is the official bank in Spain controlled by the government.

    Diegodbs tienes razón. Creo que hoy no me he levantado muy despejada que digamos.
    Pido perdón por mi error.
  11. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    Well, I guess they like it like that...
    See y'all!
    Dan F
  12. Fernando Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Just another remark: Banco de España is NOT a commercial bank. It does not lend money to the public. He perform these tasks:

    1) Lending money to other banks and the Government.

    2) Money issuer. It "creates" the money.

    3) It is the supervisor of the credit institutions.
  13. ampurdan

    ampurdan Senior Member

    jiā tàiluó ní yà
    Català & español (Spain)
    Maybe: bla, bla, bla "el Banco de España", Spain's finantial regulation state instituition, bla, bla, bla...
  14. Traumness

    Traumness New Member

    Murcia, Spain
    Spanish - Spain
    Hello guys,

    Taking a look to BDE's official website "Spanish National Bank" came up to me.

    See you.
  15. aztlaniano

    aztlaniano Senior Member

    Lavapiestán, Madrid
    English (Aztlán, US sector)
    The Banco de España is a central bank, just as are the Bank of England, the (US) Federal Reserve Bank, the Bundesbank (of Germany), the Bank of Japan, the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand or the South African Reserve Bank.
    I would refer to it in English as the Banco de España adding, if there was a possibility that it might not already be clear to all readers: (Spain's central bank).
  16. blasita

    blasita Senior Member

    Spain. Left more than two years ago
    All my colleagues (native English speakers) and I call it ´Bank of Spain´. They´re one of our clients.

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