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Mother and daughter don't go well.
Daughter is 12 years old. Mother goes to her school to pick her up and to make peace.
Daughter is very surprised and asks her what she is doing there. Mother says, "I came for you."
After this, out of nowhere, daughter says, "band camp".
Wondering what on earth this might mean, I searched on net, and seems a reference to American Pie,
but I don't really get it. Any idea what this language jewel might mean.
It's the movie "Single Moms Club".

Thank you
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    Hullo Chopin. Presumably it's some kind of reference to the little-known filmic gem American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005). My guess is that one of the characters in that gets picked up from school and (told they are being) sent away to band camp, so the girl's saying, "Oh this is like that scene in American Pie Band Camp where [Charlie] gets picked up from school etc."
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