banda (blood work)

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  1. birder

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    The word BANDA occurs without direct context in a list of analyses of blood along with the usual LINFOCITOS, EOSINOFILOS, GLOBULOS ROJOS, etc., etc.

    The normal range (INTERVALO BIOLOGICO DE REFERENCIA) is only 0-3%.

    There are just too many meanings for BANDAS, and I have not been able to discover any that refer to blood tests.

    What are these in English, please?

    Mucdhas gracias.
  2. danielfranco

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    I may be wrong, because I'm not an MD, just an interpreter, but I think bands are the immature neutrophils.
  3. birder

    birder Senior Member

    Thank you.
  4. EricEnfermero

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    La UCI Neonatal
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    Yes - danielfranco has it right. Bands (or band neutrophils) are one form of immature neutrophil.
  5. birder

    birder Senior Member

    Thank for the onfirmation.
  6. Ilialluna

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    Hola. Estoy de acuerdo: neutrófilos en banda.

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