Bank in or deposit or transfer?

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What is the difference between these three? bank in - deposit (v) - transfer ?

As I understood transfer as it is used in this sentence : " I just transferred 500$ to (into) your account." or " I can transfer the amount into your account"

Are "bank in" and " deposit" the same?

Can we say " I am going to bank in or deposit 5000$ into your account [instead of transfer] ? Or are they used just for one's own account to save it?\

  • rhitagawr

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    I don't like bank in very much, although I'll bank this money on its own is all right.
    Deposit in is all right. I'll deposit $500 in your account.
    I'll transfer $500 to your account is all right as well. It means the money is going from one account to another. With deposit, we don't really know what the source of the money is.
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