bank queue waiting pole rope

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From the series Red Dwarf. Lister complains about his former girlfriend, who had worked in a bank, always doing late night shifts.
"She was always doing late night shifts, supervising the delivery of the unstealable pens or staying behind to help update the bank queue waiting pole rope..."
And he makes a gesture indicating a rope. I don't understand what "waiting pole" is.
  • perpend

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    Ugh. Here goes my BrE.

    At the bank, there is often a queue (= line in AE).

    These queues often have a rope on a pole, sort of like at a night club.

    So, it's the bank line's waiting pole's rope.

    She has to help update the pole rope of the bank's waiting queue/line.

    Gosh, that sounds odd.


    American English
    Well, the color may need to be changed, or, the direction of the queue may need to be altered, sort of like at Disneyland. :D
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