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    Is bank routing number the same as SWIFT number? Sorry I have no context.

    It's just that a business partner from USA sent us a bank accont number, and among other numbers, there is a bank routing number... But there is no SWIFT. Is this the same thing, only called in two different ways or we still have to ask for SWIFT number?
    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Hello, Natasha,

    Apparently they are two different code numbers:

    The SWIFT code seems to be for international transactions; it is called Código SWIFT, código bancario internacional, o código internacional de identificación bancaria (BIC).

    Let's wait for an expert opinion; my best guess is that bank routing number is a code number used in U.S.A.

    Cheers from Madrid!

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    Dear all,
    swift code is a bank identifier code...while transfering funds from one bank to another bank for avoide mistakes this code is to be used.
    In America there is also swif code.

    now.......28 countries banks using IBAN no. while transfering funds( Internation bank account number ).
    but in america there is no IBAN no. American Bank's are using ABA Routing no.

    so, SWIFT code is another thing and ABA Routing number is another thing.
    if you want to transfer funds to USA then you need SWIFT code & ABA Routing number...

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    Bank Routing Numbers and SWIFT are two different things.

    Bank Routing Number on a check identifies the bank on which the check is drawn. A Bank Routing Number specifies the exact bank and branch of your account.

    Bank Routing Numbers are mostly used in direct deposit situations, like having your US Social Security payment deposited directly to the account number and Bank Routing Number of your bank, which you provided to Social Security.

    SWIFT, which also uses its own bank identification numbers, is a banking service used by banks for transferring funds between banks.

  6. EVie1974 New Member

    This is so confusing for me. The reason being that I have to send money to NL and on the form of my bank SWIFT and then Bank Routing Number is on that same line so they make it look like it should be the same. I have an INT code for my bank that I am supposed to put on there which my bank in Netherlands gave me but now you mention that they are different codes so I am really confused.
  7. martolas New Member

    The routing number is the same as the ABA number, a sort code used to pay USD to the US only.
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    The Routing/Transit/ABA number are all the same thing and they are not the same as the Swift code. The routing number identifies a specific bank, but not the branch. Any payment/request for payment going from one bank to another, whether by check or electronically (direct deposit), is sent through the Federal Reserve Bank (US Central Bank), which passes along the item to the other bank. The routing number identifies the bank to which the item should be directed or "routed" during this "transit." It is always 9 digits long and appears at the bottom of every check, enclosed between symbols like this:
    which is followed by the number of the individual account. The account number will identify the branch and the customer. The routing number for any bank can be easily found by searching the internet.

    The Swift code is a combination of letters and numbers and has a similar function to identify the "target" bank, but it is used for wiring funds. As zumac explained,
    The sending and the receiving bank will each be able to clarify for you exactly what will be needed.

    As you will find in the link provided by StratotakU,
    routing/transit number=número de ruta/tránsito

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