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Salve a tutti,

Sto traducendo un Contratto di fornitura di servizi e trovo questa frase

"In acting as company director and bank signatory, XXXX company will take instructions and directions as detailed below in Clause 5."

Per questo termine ho trovato la seguente definizione in inglese:
Bank signatories ensure that there are sufficient funds in the bank account when cheques and other payment instructions are presented for payment, verify that such payment instructions are properly drawn to the named payee and ensure that banking instruments are properly safeguarded and destroyed when obsolete

Io pensavo a "rappresentante con autorità di firma in banca" o qualcosa del genere, ma non conosco l'espressione italiana corretta. Potete aiutarmi?
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    Ciao daniegab
    Credo che "consigliere [...] con delega bancaria" (oppure "delega di firma [bancaria]") sia la traduzione.
    Attendi conferma da chi è esperto del settore.

    A bank signatory is a person who by legal means have access to a bank account, or included on a bank account to act in the capacity of the account owner. This means that the person can make cash withdrawals either through cheque or other means possible as well gives the bank certain instructions which will be carried out on the account.
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