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    Is there a nicer way to translate "bankruptcy" into Arabic? E.g. when "a business declares bankruptcy" ("Chapter 11").

    I'm told that it has much more negative connotations in Arabic than in English, implying destitute (so a stigma, shame, dishonour, 'moral bankruptcy,' depravity).

    One could use "financial reorganization," or maybe something like "assarr al maali" [apologies, that's my terrible phonetic transliteration] or "moersal" (moaser?) (ea'sar = noun): under a lot of financial pressure; can't pay back, but not destitute. Root: poor who go to borrow money to support their family.

    A number of commercial phrases seem to be in flux. E.g., there's a growing consensus to translate "entrepreneurship" as ريادية الأعمال ("ri-yadeyat al aamal"), which refers to pioneering works or "making a distinguished and exceptional start." This emphasizes the aspects of innovation, creativity, dynamism, and leadership. (Not just تاجر ["tajir"], which means a trader, merchant or business-person.)

    Many thanks!!
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    bankruptcy= افلاس (indefinite) الافلاس (definite)

    about this Term "assarr maali" =its a term equivalent to bankruptcy but we Use it only in the civil law Unlike bankruptcy, which is in commercial law (According to the laws of most Arab countries)

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    Welcome to the forum, DaleMurphy :)

    I'm not sure the connotations is that strong, but maybe it differs from an Arab country to another.

    Anyway, in business context, there's a difference in usage and connotation between إعسار مالي (I guess this is the word you meant, no? "i3saar maali") and إفلاس .

    When a company goes bankrupt, it's translated as الشركة أعلنت إفلاسها .
    If we say that الشركة مُتَعَسِّرة ماليًا/مادِّيًا it means that it's having financial problems, but it's not the same as "went bankrupt". In a way, it's the company's condition before إعلان إفلاسها .

    As for individuals, someone who is متعسِّر ماليًا/ماديًا is someone who's having financial problems, but not a penniless مُفلس (muflis).
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    Good question. The Saudi bankruptcy law is called نظام التسوية الواقية من الإفلاس ("Law of Settlement Preventing Bankruptcy"). So, in Saudi Arabia, you don't declare bankruptcy; you declare your willingness to stave off bankruptcy! I suppose you could use the classical term إعسار (i'saar), with the bankrupt called معسر (mu'sir).

    Most Arabic-speakers I know when they hear that a company has gone bankrupt automatically conclude the company is going out of business, so it is a bit problematic.
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    Most lexicons give it as إفلاس , including Wiki. This is how we use it in Urdu too.
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    Thanks, Cherine. In other words, إفلاس ('iflaas) - bankruptcy, إعسار مالي ('i3saar maaliy) or simply إعسار ('i3saar) - insolvency? Insolvency may be followed by bankruptcy and that's what dictionaries say.
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    I don't know the meaning of insolvency. But i3saar maali means: financial difficulties.
    And yes, the إعسار مالي can be followed by bankruptcy, but of course it can also be resolved.
  8. Anatoli Senior Member

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    I couldn't find the confirmation but by descripton إعسار مالي or simply إعسار must be "insolvency" - inability to pay any outstanding debts, that is a company has no money. There is nothing official at this stage, that is the insolvency can be solved. Bankruptcy (إفلاس) is when the company is declared bankrupt, that's it, it's closing down.

    Arabic dictionaries seem to mix both terms, Sakhr doesn't have إعسار
  9. Faylasoof Senior Member

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    I too noticed this so started searching the net.

    Wiki has a very full description ofإعسار:

    إعسار هو حالة المدين الذي تزيد ديونه على حقوقه ، أي تربو ديونه على أمواله ...
    (and much more there)

    While إفلاس from the link above (post#5):

    الإفلاس هو ان تعلن الشركة أنها غير قادرة على الوفاء بإلتزاماتها أمام الدائنين ، وحينها تقوم الشركة بتصفية كل أملاكها وحساباتها البنكية ....
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    Just want to thank all who replied -- very much appreciated.

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