banned from <working> with children


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What does "working" mean here? Children, are protected by law, or not qualified, to take a job that earns money. So they are not working. It appears to me that the author wants to say "banned from staying with children." I am not sure.

What does "working" mean here?

Perhaps the problem is the meaning of "children." Can his religious followers be called "children"? Well, simply a guess here.

Lee denied all charges, and argued that the victims may have been motivated "by money" to provide false testimony. He has worked as a missionary both in South Korea and internationally.

In addition to the prison sentence, Lee was ordered to undergo 80 hours of sexual violence therapy program, and is banned from working with children for 10 years.

Source: CNN
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    Like in working with computers or working with cows: teachers work with children, as do baby-sitters, paediatricians, and so on.


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    It means that he was banned from having any sort of job or occupation where the customers/clients/people he came into contact with were children (which in the UK and elsewhere means anyone under 18).

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