banquetas y pértigas de maniobra


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Hello! I am translating a text about safety issues when working with electrical installations. When talking about a power transformer, it says that it can only be started up if there are "banquetas y pértigas de maniobra". I have searched on the internet but only found documents very similar to mine, without definitions or any other context. Can somebody please please help me with a translations and/or a definition? Thanks!
  • A <banqueta> is a stool or footstool,and a <pértiga> is a pole. Could you give more context? Does the word <aislante> (insulating) appear? Without more context, I would say, <manoeuvering stools and poles>.
    I'm sorry, there's not too much context I can give you. This is just a list of things to be done when working with electrical installation. Aislante appears from time to time, but not in this description. Anyway, does manoeuvering stools and poles makes sense to you? I mean, what would they be refered to? Thank you :)
    Yes, it makes sense: the worker who is in risk of electrical shock must use insulated stools and poles in order to manoeuvre the equipment he/she is working with. People who work in such circumstances (and these are the people who will read your translation) are accustomed to these terms, as they are SOP in their field of work.
    Wow! Thank you so much. It's really nice when someone knows exactly what he/she is talking about and you can see that they are not just guessing. :D
    Actually, another member of this forum, Avisor, explained that to me when I was translating a similar document.