baptism of a book? [book launch?]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by IreneZ, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. IreneZ New Member

    Hello everyone!
    In my country - maybe it happens all over the world - when a famous author publishes a new book, there is an event which we call "baptism of a book". It is a party where there is the author, "a godparent" (usually another celebrity - the author`s friend), journalists and of course some people from the public and the book is really "baptised" - some wine or champagne is poured over it. It also happens when a new CD by a famous music group is launched.

    Can you call such an event "baptism of a book/CD"?

    In another forum I found the term "book launch" but to me it rather sounds as the day when the book comes to the bookshops whereas this "baptism" event can take place some time after the book has come to the bookshops.

    Thanks for your advice! IreneZ
  2. Miss Julie

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    Book launch makes the most sense to me, but boats are christened in the way you describe...why not books? :D (The noun form is christening.)
  3. rhitagawr

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    I'm afraid there's only book launch. But there's often a little party.
  4. heypresto

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    I worked in the bookselling business for many years, and was involved in a few book launches, but I've never come across a book baptism - in name, or as a concept.
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  5. Miss Julie

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    A book launch is a party...isn't it?
  6. Parla Senior Member

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    A launch is the word for whatever promotion (which may or may not include a party or other event, as well as advertising, a news release, etc.) may accompany the release of a book (its appearance in the stores). A "book party" is what it says: a party, which may be a splashy celebrity event, or a private party at someone's home celebrating the author and the publication of the book. We are not in the habit, here, of ruining a book by pouring alcoholic beverages or anything else over it.:eek:
  7. rhitagawr

    rhitagawr Senior Member

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    In practice, yes.

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