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  1. davelaneward New Member

    Hi there, I don't know any Hebrew, but I'm watching this documentary which is suggesting that the Hebrew for "lightning fall from heaven", would be translated as "Barak (or Baraq) O Bamah"

    Here is the video, this assertion is made right at the beginning
    <<link to video removed>>

    He is postulating that the bible verse "I behold satan as lightning fall from heaven", would have been spoken as "I behold satan as baraq o bamah".

    I can find "Baraq" means Lightning, and "Bamah", means "high place", (cannot find any reference to "heaven"), but I have no idea about the O or U or whatever.

    So, I came here to ask people who would know.

    Is Satan Baraq O Bamah?

    Thank you
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  2. trigel Senior Member

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    Barack in "Barack Obama" is an African name originating from Arabic barakah "blessing" which shares the root b-r-k with Hebrew, which is different from the b-r-q root which is the one used for "lightning".
    (See for more).

    "o" in Hebrew means "or".

    You can do this etymological divination with many names out there. And I'm sorry to put it so bluntly, but "Is Satan Baraq O Bamah" isn't a language question and thus is outside the scope of this forum.
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  3. davelaneward New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I know this theory requires an adulteration of his name, but nonetheless if it were correct phonetically it would still be interesting.

    Can "Baraq o(or u) Bamah", mean "lightning from heaven"?
  4. tFighterPilot Senior Member

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    Well, if his name were pronounced Baraq O Bamá it would mean in Hebrew "A lightning or a stage". This way though it means absolutely nothing. Certainly not "Lightning from heaven"
  5. davelaneward New Member

    Thankyou. They are talking rubbish then, i thought as much.

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