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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Isapaola, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Isapaola Senior Member

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    Here I am again with my questions. I am sure you'll find the right solution, as always.
    This is something I can't translate properly. In this case barba lunga doesn't mean a long beard, but just what you see on a man's face if he doesn't shave for two days. What would you tranlate "scusami, ho la barba lunga"? Asked about that I answered I would tranlate "Sorry, I didn't shave this morning" but I am still curious to know what do you call, for instance "una barba di due giorni".
    Nice Sunday to you all
  2. Paulfromitaly

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    Are you growing a stubble?
  3. peter pann New Member

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    Probably 'a couple of days' stubble'. For example 'he had a couple of days' stubble on his face'.
  4. Isapaola Senior Member

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    Thank you Paul and Peter. Never heard stubble before. Probably it is just because I have always met clean shaved men! Thank you, iIll make a note of it. It sounds strange, anyway, that if you look up "barba" in a dictionary you don't find stubble. Or am I using unreliable dictionaries?
  5. Panpan

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    Stubble was fashionable a few years back (not with me though!). Among the yuppies, it was called 'designer stubble', see here
  6. Isapaola Senior Member

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    Thank you, Panpan, also for your exaustive link. Now I know a lot about it. I like stories behind words!

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