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Hi there

In Brazil, no matter how poor the house may be, it has this place - usually in the back of the house or on the side of it - to get people together and make a barbecue.
The place has a restroom, a sink, cabinets, a table, chairs, and most important, a barbecue place built into the wall to roast real beef, pork, chicken, fish et. It is covered and it may simply be a room or it may only have two walls enclosing it. Do you have such a place in the US and England? What do you call it? Below are some pictures of a 'churrasqueira', the Brazilian name for it.

Thank you
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    In my part of the world we often call them "outdoor" grills or we also say "barbecue pit" or "built-in grill/smoker" when we want to specify that the grill or smoker is a permanent structure rather than something on wheels.
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    I can think of nothing equivalent to this here.
    Some people may have a device for cooking that is similar to some of those illustrations, it would still be called a barbecue. I don't know anyone who has their barbecue set in the kind of place you've shown.


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    The more upscale houses in my area have something like this. Here they are called outdoor kitchens. They can be relatively simple or extremely elaborate. I don't have one and I don't know anyone in my neighborhood who does but I have seen them in more affluent homes in our town.

    You can even buy entire pre-built setups at our local hardware store.


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    Here in the U.S., we're fond of outdoor cooking on our "patios," but culturally, we have nothing to compare with the Brazilian "churrasqueira" and as often is the case, we don't have an English word for it.

    The cooking devices we call "barbecues" or "outdoor grills" vary widely. You will find some interesting information from Wikipedia HERE.

    Edit: Given that Brazil has a much warmer year-around climate than most of the United States, I suspect that has an influence on placing the kitchen.
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    Umm... I think we do have something similar, at least in some regions of the U.S. and in certain social circles. See my post above. It's certainly not as common and definitely wouldn't be part of any house, no matter how rich or poor. It's a fairly recent trend.

    I also think you would mostly find outdoor kitchens in the lower, warmer states of the U.S. It would be quite an investment in the upper states where you could only use it a few months out of the year. In the southern/southwestern states we can use it nearly year-round.
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